Here we are, the island of our dreams, the island of spices and colours. Zanzibar. The perfume of the spices and the crystal clear water of the ocean will accompany us during our stay. The ocean breeze and the white sand will lead us to an enchanted place. The smile of the children and warmth of the locals will make this journey unforgettable. We will ask ourselves lot of questions, sometimes being unable to answer them. We will be tempted to help the children on the beach giving out some coins, but we have to understand that this small gesture will put in jeopardy their education, their future. Tomorrow they won’t go to school but they will come back to the beach asking to other muzungus for more coins and in a week time their parents will decide that going to the beach ‘pays’ more than going to school. Zanzibar economy is based almost exclusively on tourism; the taxes paid to the government by registered companies are shared with the islanders. Every family is given a fertile piece of land where to cultivate. Once our stay will be over, memories will accompany us for a while and we will find ourselves thinking about our trip a lot and will wander when will be able to come back in our hearts will know that by doing the right thing we will have helped not just one local but a thousand more.

Asante Sana